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Will Internet cafes make money in 2019?

家用电脑的逐渐普及为国民大众解决了上网的问题,也对网吧行业提出越来越严峻的挑战!原本赚钱的Internet bar Operation每况日下,在这种情形下,还能投资网吧吗?Is it still profitable to open Internet cafes in 2019?

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Internet cafe industry encountered difficulties

The reason why investors doubt whether the investment Internet bar industry can make money is that today's Internet bar industry is in trouble!
First of all, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, the development of network technology and the gradual popularization of home computers make Internet cafes less needed, and they are no longer a necessary way for the masses to access the Internet。The decrease in the total number of customers will naturally greatly reduce the overall revenue of the Internet cafe industry。
Secondly, before that, Internet cafes as one of the most profitable industries, attracted numerous investors flocked to。This also caused the Internet cafe industry competition gradually intensified。This situation has deepened the fear of Internet cafe investors!

So now, open Internet cafes still make money?

答案是肯定的!据行业内部人士分析,现阶段开网吧还是有很大利润空间的。But that's only if you work on location and business model。
The premise of site selection is to do a good job of positioning the customer group of the Internet bar. For example, if students are the main customer group, the Internet bar should be located near the university town, preferably attached to a certain school, and avoid other nearby Internet bars。This can not only obtain stable consumer groups, but also effectively reduce the internal competition of the Internet bar industry。
Next, it is time to talk about the business model. From the above industry status quo, we can know that the single Internet function of Internet cafes can not meet the needs of consumer groups of Internet cafes, nor can it meet the needs of Internet cafe operators。In this case, the Internet cafe operation was born。
Since 2009, the Internet cafe model was introduced into the inland, which completely broke the business model of Internet cafes with single Internet access function, but gradually pushed the Internet cafes to a diversified model of entertainment, leisure and social development。That is to say, the function of Internet cafes now is not only to meet the needs of customers, but also to become a comprehensive entertainment place integrating Internet surfing, leisure, entertainment, business and catering。This effectively avoids the impact of the popularization of home computers on the Internet bar industry, and increases the potential consumer groups of Internet bars through diversified development。

What are the advantages of opening Internet cafes?

上述两种方式确实解决了Internet bar Operation的问题!但是读者可能产生了一个新的疑问:那就是既然是多元化发展,那么为什么还要开网吧呢?Can't you open a restaurant or a cafe?
This should start from the main consumer groups of Internet cafes, the main consumer groups of Internet cafes are mainly young people。The pursuit of fashion, avant-garde is the characteristics of young people, Internet cafes just in line with this theme。
In addition, with the popularization of computers, today's young generation, whether it is school, business, leisure, or other activities, are inseparable from the computer。A diversified business model of Internet cafes will be better than restaurants, cafes, etc., to meet the consumer needs of customers。It's also more profitable。

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